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Xtreme Gravel Lock

vdw 520

The PHNA Xtreme Gravel Lock is a 2-component epoxy to be mixed with any clean aggregate to provide solutions for pathways, wide paver joints, tree pits, and more. The following are a few specific details about the product:


  • Highly water-permeable
  • Suitable for extra-wide joints
  • Can be designed to accommodate up to light vehicular traffic loads
  • Pressure washer friendly
  • High UV resistance
  • Very high resistance to yellowing
  • Suitable for clean aggregates 1/16" to 1" in diameter
  • Suitable for glass chippings
  • Suitable for damp aggregates


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Product information

Technical Data

  • Application Time
    Approx. 30 minutes at 20°C | 68°F* application temp.
    *Quick hardening at higher temperatures, and slow hardening at lower temperatures.
  • Application Temperature
    2-26°C | 37-80°F (Do not lay onto frozen ground.)
  • Minimum Depth Requirements
    1.5" for aggregates less than 1/2" diameter
    For aggregates greater than 1/2" diameter: depth must equal min. 3x avg. diameter
    For vehicular traffic, product must be laid on a permeable concrete or mortar bed (we recommend PHNA Xtreme Bedding Compound / vdw 480)
  • Mixing Ratios
    The contents of one unit (5 kg) can bind a maximum of about 240 lbs. of aggregate (~160 lbs. glass chippings)
    (Both bottles of A & B components have 1/4 delineation markings to accommodate mixing in smaller batches)
  • Water Permeability
    Very high
  • Storage Life
    12 months if stored unopened in sealed and undamaged packaging. Must also be kept dry and frost- free. Do not store at temperatures above 20°C / 68°F
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